Cryptocurrency BUY/ SALE / TRADE Fees Structures on CIPHER EXCHANGE

Cryptocurrency Fees for trading: 0.1% Only.

The account holder/trader if having the sufficient balance of CIPHER (CPR) token in his/her account, we will be deducting CIPHER (CPR) to pay for transaction fees by default.

The 50% fees discount will be applied, if the trader uses CIPHER (CPR) token for transaction fees, which is 0.05% (For Limited period ONLY)

Cryptocurrency Fees for DEPOSIT: Free

Cryptocurrency Fees for WITHDRAWAL*:

(*The withdrawal fees will apply according to the crypto market trading and blockchain conditions timely)

Coin/Token SYMBOL Name Minimum Withdrawal Transaction Fee
CPRCipher Token1000.20 CPR
BTCBitcoin0.0020.0005 BTC
ETHEthereum0.020.01 ETH
LTCLitecoin0.020.01 LTC
BCHBitcoin Cash0.020.01 BCH